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Our community members are individuals available after work hours, who are willing to invest their professional expertise 

As a Pieworks Talent Recruitment Partner, you would opt to carry out pre-designed responsibilities and roles.
By contributing in one or more of our recruiting roles available, you become an accountable stakeholder for a piece of the pie – and gain personal value of the freedom lifestyle.

What do We do

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We Are Community-Builders Led By Purpose
Our Community Supports The Future of  Work

Change comes frequently in life for us all, it's inevitable. The only thing we can predict about the future is that tomorrow will look different from today. The scope and speed of change we are experiencing in the work front right now would have been almost unimaginable to previous generations of leaders.
Moving forward, today’s leadership professionals acknowledge the Future of Work is at our doorsteps. Remote, Hybrid & Freelancing work options are now on a conquering rise from transitional changes taking effect across the global workspace.
Riding with the wave of change, our community strives to purposefully fulfil contemporary work goals and needs for our members.

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Advocates Of The Freedom Lifestyle
Work For The Causes
You  Love

No longer do many of us wish to ‘live around our work.’ Instead, the ideal trend is to streamline productivity and contentment into multiple disciplines by ‘working around our lives – heightening our quality of life & a sense of purpose.
While we do enjoy paybacks of a higher revenue density from versatile and diversified mediums, it is also hugely rewarding to work for causes we love. This accounts for the Freedom Lifestyle at large.
Pieworks recognises the need to diversify time and skills with redirected work efforts for meaningful causes and satisfactory experiences. This is why we offer Community Members a flexible work opportunity as Talent Recruitment Partners.


No more boss, no more 9-5

Work from anywhere as long as you got a laptop and mobile.

Free training and always present guidance

Work at your own pace and create wealth in your own time

Benefits like Insurance, Merch and quarterly company outings

Role / Designations

Pick Up Your Desired Role

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Headhunts a Talent Candidate
Client Anchor
Presents Candidate to Founder & handles Feedback Looping
Helps in the upkeep of the platform and helps in Pieworks Growth 

How You Can Join Our Enterprising Community

The Community Member Onboarding Process

Begins Work
All relevant access is received & individual starts working as a Community Member
Role Designation
Pick up your desired role in the community
Onboarding Session
Session to share with individuals on how Pieworks community processes work
Contract Complete
KYC done, contract signed off
Human StackAssessment
Understand a human in totality and correlate the same with possible outcomes
Form Complete
Community Member Form is completed and submitted
Shows Interest
Potential Community Members show interest in the Pieworks platform
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